LBJ Animatronic

Permanent Exhibitions | Jun, 24 2024 5:44AM - 5:44AM

A view of the Animatronic LBJ in the LBJ's Humor exhibition at the LBJ Library.

Lyndon B. Johnson loved a good story. In a slow Texas drawl, he could tell a captivating tale about anything, including jokes about himself to shrewd political lessons only LBJ could give.

This exhibition focuses on that earthy, rough-and-tumble sense of humor and features an animatronic LBJ recounting some of the president’s favorite tales. The stories are taken from real life audio recordings of LBJ that are part of the library’s archive.

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For more information, please visit the virtual tour for the LBJ Animatronic.

About & Photos

The animatronic Lyndon Johnson on display was donated to the library in 1997 by retail department store Neiman Marcus. The store originally commissioned the animatronic Lyndon Johnson for an all things Texas display in one of their Dallas store locations.

Student visitors view the LBJ's Humor exhibition at the LBJ Library.
A view of the political cartoons on view in the LBJ Humor's exhibition at the LBJ Library.

Visitor Tip: Take a second to look over the political cartoons hanging behind the animatronic and on the exhibition display panel. They're reproductions of real cartoons collected by LBJ and are part of the library's museum collection.

Exhibit LBJ's Humor
3rd Floor (ground level)

This exhibition is located near the LBJ timeline and directly next to The Johnson Treatment photo-op.

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