Tips & Guidelines

Below are tips and guidelines to ensure the day of your field trip goes smoothly. For more information or questions, contact us at

Field Trip Information Packet

Before Your Tour or Program

Bus Drop Off & Parking

Buses should drop off and pick up passengers near the breezeway, but buses cannot idle at the curb. Bus parking is located in the upper southeast area of parking lot #38, near Red River Street. Please make sure to display your bus parking permit while parked. 

Delayed Arrival

Please call our Volunteer and Visitor Services Office at (512) 721-0184 or the Front Desk at (512) 721-0177 if you will be arriving late for your scheduled tour and/or program. Please know that due to our busy tour and program schedule and limited tour guide availability, we are unable to move tour and/or program times. If your field trip group arrives late, your tour and/or program will still end at the scheduled time. We also reserve the right to cancel your guided tour if your group arrives more than 15 minutes late.

Upon Arrival

Weather permitting, we ask that your field trip group wait outside the library until the appointed start time as to not disturb other patrons. A Gallery Attendant will meet you on the plaza for an overview at your scheduled time. In case of inclement weather, your group will be met by the Gallery Attendant under the breezeway between the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the Briscoe Center for American History.


Please have your check-in form completed upon arrival and ready to give to our admissions clerk at the front desk. This will help to expedite your group's check-in. Download form [pdf].


To make the visiting experience as accommodating as possible for all guests, we follow a list of accessibility rules and regulations. Learn more.

During or After Your Tour or Program

Photography & Video

Photography is allowed, without a flash, unless otherwise noted. Video recording is also allowed, without additional lighting. No selfie sticks are allowed in the building.

Museum Behavior

  • Students must stay with their designated chaperone at all times.
  • If on a guided tour, we encourage questions! All we ask is that students be respectful of their guide.
  • We ask that students use "indoor" voices and be mindful of other visitors.
  • Cell phones should be in silent mode or turned off. They may be used to take pictures (with no flash), but no talking, texting, or other cell phone use is permitted while on the tour.
  • For the safety of others and the exhibitions on view, please no running, jumping, or sitting on anything outside of a designated seating area while inside the library.
  • No food or drinks, including bottled water, are allowed inside the library.
  • Pencils may be used in the exhibition areas only if an activity is planned. Golf pencils are available with advance notification.

Teacher and Chaperone Responsibilities

  • One teacher or chaperone, 18 or older, is required for every eight students.
  • Students must be accompanied by teachers or chaperones from the time they disembark from the bus (or other transportation) until they leave to return home. This includes outside the building, in the library, the restrooms, and The Store at LBJ. 
    • Please note: We ask that you select chaperones that can fulfill these duties. A chaperone that cannot accompany students throughout the library should not be included in your "one teacher or chaperone per eight students" tally.
  • Teachers or chaperones are responsible for maintaining order and discipline within their group. This is not the responsibility of the guide.
  • If a child becomes ill, it is the responsibility of the teacher or chaperone to take care of the student. If emergency medical assistance is needed, the guide will contact the library's security office or other staff personnel.

Lunch & Recreation Area

There are no eating facilities at the library as no food or drinks are allowed inside. You are welcome to bring your own sack lunches and picnic on the LBJ lawn by the fountain or on the plaza outside the library. We ask that you clean up after you finish. 

Please note: 1) Coolers and sack lunches are not allowed inside the library and may not be left unattended outside. 2) There are only shaded, not covered, picnic areas around the library. 

Get in Touch

For more information or questions, please contact our Education Department.
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