Middleton Fellowship

Harry Middleton Fellowship in Presidential Studies

The LBJ Foundation created the Harry Middleton fellowship to support scholarly work in presidential studies and to honor Mr. Middleton's contributions to the presidential library system. Harry Middleton was a speechwriter for President Johnson and served as director of the LBJ Library from 1972 to 2002.

Fellowship recipients must conduct research at the LBJ Library and at least one other facility of the National Archives and Records Administration. Post-doctoral fellows may apply, but preference is given to doctoral students whose dissertation research highlights how history can illuminate current and future policy issues.

The LBJ Foundation generally awards two $5,000 fellowships annually. A larger amount may be awarded when special circumstances, such as international travel, warrant it.

• Fall Term:  June 1 – December 31. Application deadline is March 15.
• Spring Term:  January 1 – August 31. Application deadline is September 15.


Meet Our Most Recent Middleton Fellow

Titus Firmin

The LBJ Foundation congratulates its latest Middleton fellow, Titus Firmin

Titus's research project investigates the U.S. military's campaign to desegregate housing in civilian communities between 1961-1973. During this progressive period, civilian leaders directed the Armed Forces to combat housing discrimination and produced substantial results. His study demonstrates how the military campaign helped force open housing and advanced social change in the United States before the Civil Rights Act of 1968.

How to Apply

Prior to submitting a fellowship proposal, applicants must contact the LBJ Library's Archives department (001-512-721-0212 or johnson.library@nara.gov) to obtain information about materials available at the library on the proposed research topic. The library's Reading Room is open for research Monday through Friday, 9a.m.-5 p.m. and is closed on federal holidays. Applicants must include information about which other National Archives facilities they plan to visit and the research materials on their topic at those facilities.

Applications are reviewed by a special faculty committee appointed by the president of The University of Texas at Austin at the request of the LBJ Library. An application form and three letters of recommendation are required. References may submit letters using the online form below or by faxing or mailing them to Samantha Stone, deputy director, The Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation, 2313 Red River Street, Austin Texas, 78705, (512) 721-0155 (fax).

In accepting a Middleton fellowship, an applicant must agree to the following conditions:

  • The product of the research made possible by the fellowship will not be used for any political purpose.
  • The funds are for the sole purpose of helping to defray expenses incurred while conducting research at the LBJ Library and other National Archives facilities.
  • The fellowship must be used during the period for which it is awarded.
  • The recipient will provide promptly to the LBJ Foundation a copy of any publication, paper, article or book resulting from research made possible by the fellowship.

What you will need to submit your application online:

  • Background and contact information
  • Research proposal: 5- to 10-page, double-spaced, typewritten description of your project, including scope, objective of research, methodology, research done on the project to date, and possible conclusions or results. Your proposal should detail collections in the LBJ Library and other National Archives facilities that you plan to use. Please describe how the funds will be applied, other fellowships or grants that will support the project, and whether matching funds are available to you from your institution or elsewhere. Also, include a proposed budget.
  • List of references and their contact information
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • If you have been published, a list of up to five of your publications with complete citations

If you are unable or do not wish to complete the application online, please contact Samantha Stone, deputy director, at grants@lbjfoundation.org or (512) 721-0263. 

We are now accepting applications through March 15.

Application Form

Recommendation Form

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