Lady Bird Johnson's Office

Permanent Exhibitions | May, 20 2024 1:57AM - 1:57AM

A view of Lady Bird Johnson's office in the LBJ Library

Lady Bird Johnson often worked from this office inside the LBJ Presidential Library. Mrs. Johnson gifted her office, as well as its furnishings and sundry accessories for use as a permanent exhibition. The exhibition first opened to the public in 1998 and continues to be a visitor favorite.

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Lady Bird Johnson's office remains in the same state as the day it was donated. Visitors can see papers arranged just as Mrs. Johnson left them, family photos, her "Can Do" paperweight, and hear in her own words a description of the incredible view from the office windows.

A close up view of the desk in Lady Bird Johnson's office at the LBJ Library.
A close up view of the items on Lady Bird Johnson's desk at the LBJ Library.
Lady Bird Johnson's Office
10th Floor

This exhibition is located on the 10th floor, far southeast corner. It is adjacent to The First Family in the White House theater and the First Lady's Gallery.

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