The Continual Struggle

Past Exhibitions | Jan, 15 2016 9:00AM - Apr, 10 2016 5:00PM

A Parade of Sympathies

The Continual Struggle is artist Brian Washington's artwork documenting the Civil Rights Movement and America's historic struggle against segregation and other forms of race-based disenfranchisement. The exhibit uses visual art as an educational tool and method of storytelling, vividly illustrating people who were willing to go into the streets to protest injustice and inequality.

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Carefully researched and drawn only in black and white, the stark drawings portray sharecropping, non-violent protest, freedom rides, marches, voter registration campaigns, police violence, and the realities that provoked those actions – vividly demonstrating the conflict-ridden nature of social change. 

Washington is a California based artist, attorney, and arts advocate. "I wanted to depict the triumphant and poignant story of the American Civil Rights struggle through art, as a way of honoring those who have allowed me to live with the freedoms I now enjoy. There has been a continuum of important artists in history who have taken such an approach to art, and I want to carry on this tradition in today’s society."

Former President Bill Clinton displays one of Washington's pieces in his office in Harlem, New York. "The Continual Struggle is a collection of masterful art, a poignant depiction of America’s journey toward a more perfect union, and a remarkable contribution to America’s discussion of the issues it confronts."

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Freedom Brian Washington Studio.
Freedom Brian Washington Studio.
Freedom Brian Washington Studio.
Freedom Brian Washington Studio.
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