Landmark Laws of the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration


College Facilities

Clean Air

Vocational Education

Indian Vocational Training

Manpower Training


Inter-American Development Bank

Kennedy Cultural Center

Tax Reduction

Presidential Transition

Federal Airport Aid

Farm Program

Chamizal Convention

Pesticide Controls

International Development


Civil Rights Act of 1964

Campobello International Park

Urban Mass Transit

Water Resources Research

Federal Highway

Civil Service Pay Raise

War on Poverty

Criminal Justice


Medicine Bow National Forest

Ozark Scenic Riverway

Administrative Conference

Fort Bowie Historic Site

Food Stamp

Housing Act

Interest Equalization

Wilderness Areas

Nurse Training

Revenues for Recreation

Fire Island National Seashore

Library Services

Federal Employee Health Benefits



Aid to Education

Higher Education

Four Year Farm Program

Department of Housing and Urban


Housing Act

Social Security Increase

Deaf-Blind Center

College Work Study

Rail Strike Settlement

Voting Rights

Fair Immigration Law

Older Americans

Heart, Cancer, Stroke Program

Law Enforcement Assistance

National Crime Commission

Drug Controls

Mental Health Facilities

Health Professions

Medical Libraries

Vocational Rehabilitation

Anti-Poverty Program

Arts and Humanities Foundation

Aid to Appalachia

Highway Beauty

Clean Air

Water Pollution Control

High Speed Transit

Manpower Training

Presidential Disability

Child Health

Regional Development

Aid to Small Businesses

Weather-Predicting Services

Military Pay Increase

GI Life Insurance

Community Health Services

Water Resources Council

Water Desalting

Assateague National Seashore

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area

Juvenile Delinquency Control

Arms Control

Strengthening U.N. Charter

International Coffee Agreement

Retirement for Public Servants


Food for India

Child Nutrition

Department of Transportation

Truth in Packaging

Model Cities

Rent Supplements

Teachers Corps

Asian Development Bank

Clean Rivers

Aid-to-Handicapped Children

Redwoods Park

Flaming Gorge Recreation Area

Food for Freedom

Child Safety

Narcotics Rehabilitation

Traffic Safety

Highway Safety

Mine Safety

International Education

Bail Reform

Tire Safety

New GI Bill

Minimum Wage Increase

Urban Mass Transit

Civil Procedure Reform

Federal Highway Aid

Military Medicare

Public Health Reorganization

Cape Lookout Seashore

Water Research

Guadalupe National Park

Revolutionary War Bicentennial

Fish-Wildlife Preservation

Water for Peace

Anti-Inflation Program

Scientific Knowledge Exchange

Cultural Materials Exchange

Foreign Investors Tax

Parcel Post Reform

Civil Service Pay Raise

Stockpile Sales

Participation Certificates

Protection for Savings

Flexible Interest Rates

Freedom of Information


Education Professions

Education Act

Air Pollution Control

Partnership for Health

Social Security Increases

Age Discrimination

Wholesome Meat

Flammable Fabrics

Urban Research

Public Broadcasting

Outer Space Treaty

Modern D.C. Government

Vietnam Veterans Benefits

Federal Judicial Center

Civilian-Postal Workers Pay

Summer Youth Programs


Fair Housing

Indian Bill of Rights

Safe Streets

Wholesome Poultry

Food for Peace

Commodity Exchange Rules

U.S. Grain Standards

School Breakfasts

Bank Protection

Defense Production

Corporate Takeovers

Export Program

Gold Cover Removal


Aircraft Noise Abatement

Auto Insurance Study

New Narcotics Bureau

Gas Pipeline Safety

Fire Safety

Sea Grant Colleges

D.C. School Board

Tax Surcharge

Better Housing

International Monetary Reform

International Grains Treaty

Oil Revenues for Recreation

Virgin Islands Elections

San Rafael Wilderness

San Gabriel Wilderness

Fair Federal Juries

Candidate Protection

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

Guaranteed Student Loans

D.C. Visitors Center

FHA-VA Interest Rate Program

Health Manpower

Eisenhower College

Gun Controls

Aid-to-Handicapped Children

Redwoods Park

Flaming Gorge Recreation Area

Biscayne Park

Heart, Cancer, and Stroke Programs

Hazardous Radiation Protection

Colorado River Reclamation

Scenic Rivers

Scenic Trails

National Water Commission

Federal Magistrates

Vocational Education

Veterans Pension Increases

North Cascades Park

International Coffee Agreement

Intergovernmental Manpower

Dangerous Drugs Control

Military Justice Code

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