“The Great Society” video

Aug 26, 2008

New video "The Great Society" is unveiled at the Democratic National Convention in Honor of Lyndon Baines Johnson's 100th Birthday

Austin, Texas - To commemorate President Lyndon Baines Johnson's 100th birthday (August 27, 2008), a video entitled "The Great Society" will be shown at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, August 28, 2008. Delegates to the Convention and millions of viewers will be the first to see the five-minute video about some of President Johnson's many lasting achievements.

Video: "The Great Society"

Download: The Great Society Video |  (14.6 MB)

Credit: LBJ Foundation

Producers: Matt McClung, Diane Zander Mason

Through personal stories, the video provides a visual recording of some of the highlights of the Great Society and examines how these programs changed the landscape of this country during a pivotal moment in American history. "The video will tell the story of the Great Society for future generations to see and hear," says Larry Temple, President of the LBJ Foundation. "It tells about the impact of civil rights laws, the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, Higher Education scholarships and work study benefits, protection of the environment, creation of the National Endowment for the Arts and on and on. The Great Society changed the lives of more of the people of this country and created more domestic accomplishments than any other administration."

President Johnson fundamentally believed in the power of government to enhance people's lives, and that it should guarantee the basic American rights of all its citizens, not just some of them. Moreover, from his point of view, an effective government lifts people out of poverty and offers them quality education and health care.

A longer version of "The Great Society" will be available for showing at the LBJ Library & Museum.

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