Annual presentation of Thanksgiving turkey

Annual presentation of Thanksgiving turkey

Visit the LBJ Library & Museum during the Thanksgiving Holidays

Nov 14, 2008

(Austin) - You've enjoyed a scrumptious turkey dinner, you've caught up with relatives and friends, the football games are predictable, and you feel the need to move around. Come to the LBJ Library and Museum. It's free and educational. There's also an opportunity to shop.

In addition to the permanent exhibition interpreting the life of the 36th President, the LBJ Library and Museum is featuring a new exhibit, To the Moon: The American Space Program in the 1960s. Highlights include: a Russian Vostok capsule that flew in space, rare artifacts, simulators, and a multimedia laser show. Visitors will learn about the tumultuous times of the 1960s, the passion of the space race with the Russians, and the triumph of landing a man on the moon.

The LBJ Library is also hosting an art show of Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean's paintings entitled Alan Bean: First Artist to Visit Another World.

The LBJ Library and Museum is at 2313 Red River Street, on the east side of The University of Texas campus, with easy access off IH-35.