Annual presentation of Thanksgiving turkey

Annual presentation of Thanksgiving turkey

Visit the LBJ Library & Museum during the Thanksgiving Holidays

Oct 23, 2009

Tax Free Shopping at the Museum Store Dec. 4 & 5th

(Austin) - You've enjoyed a scrumptious turkey dinner, you've caught up with relatives and friends, the football games are predictable, and you feel the need to move around. Come to the LBJ Library and Museum on Thanksgiving Day or any of the holidays. It's free and educational. There's also an opportunity to shop.

In addition to the permanent exhibition interpreting the life of the 36th President, the LBJ Library and Museum is featuring a new exhibit, School House to White House: The Education of the Presidents. Whether in private or public school, whether growing up in a small town or a large city, each of our modern President experienced a unique education that prepared him for leadership in the highest elected office in the land. Highlights include LBJ memorabilia.

Tax-free shopping at the Museum Store is December 4th and 5th. This year, the Store features an ornament commemorating the recent dedication of the LBJ Plaza and the Lady Bird Johnson Center. The entrance to the Library recognizes the Library's mission as a center of learning and the Johnson's emphasis on learning. The Plaza's design reflects Mrs. Johnson's gracious hospitality, her legacy of preserving the environment, and the Johnson family's love for the Texas landscape. For more information,