Annual presentation of Thanksgiving turkey

Annual presentation of Thanksgiving turkey

Walk off that turkey dinner - the LBJ Library and Museum is open Thanksgiving Day

Nov 08, 2007

You've enjoyed a scrumptious turkey dinner, you've caught up with relatives and friends, the football games are predictable, and you feel the need to move around. Come to the LBJ Library and Museum. It's free and educational. There's also an opportunity to shop.

In addition to the permanent exhibition interpreting the life of the 36th President, the LBJ Library and Museum is featuring a new exhibit. Walk into a replica of the U. S. Senate Chamber for an unrehearsed, unpredictable encounter with an actor (Michael Stuart) who looks, dresses, and talks like Lyndon Johnson as he was in the 1950s.

In the LBJ Library's new exhibit, Bills, Bills, Bills: Lyndon Johnson as Senate Majority Leader, visitors can talk to the Senate Majority Leader about important legislation of the era, including the creation of NASA, the Interstate Highway Bill, Labor Reform, Social Security Reform, and statehood for Alaska and Hawaii. Under Johnson's leadership, the first Civil Rights Bill since Reconstruction was passed into law.

Johnson redefined the role of Majority Leader from merely a "go between" into the most powerful position in the Senate. Visitors may even get a taste of the "Johnson Treatment," LBJ's unique, and highly effective, style of "persuasion."

There will be interactive touch screen computers detailing the major bills passed in the 1950s with explanations of how these laws impacted modern America. A highlight: home movies narrated by Lady Bird Johnson.