Photo/Video Requests

Photo requests – The LBJ Library website has approximately 1,000 photographs available online. All photos are high resolution, may be downloaded, and are in the public domain to be used free of charge. Each photo includes date, location, and credit information. You may search by topic or by typing in a name or subject in the search bar.

Video requests – The LBJ Library collection features one million feet of film. Nearly 800 videos and slideshows, including telephone conversations, are available on the Library's YouTube channel. Some of our other YouTube playlists include:

Special Message to the Congress: The American Promise - President Johnson's "American Promise" speech of  March 15, 1965,  where the President called on Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act, is available for downloaded below. You can also view the video with a transcript of this speech.

Download: MPEG-4 movie (800.7 MB).

The “Daisy” campaign ad – In the 1964 presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee commissioned a TV ad that is commonly called the “Daisy” ad. This video may be downloaded and used free of charge. However, the Democratic National Committee allows the LBJ Library to provide the ad to the public. Please credit the video: Courtesy Democratic National Committee.

Download: MPEG-4 movie (15.2 MB)

To request other videos, please contact AV Archives at [email protected].