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For historical perspective, we have gathered related archival photos, video, audio, and text for the following bill signings and events. All materials are public domain unless otherwise noted.

CIA Declassified President's Daily Briefs

Medicare and Medicaid

Voting Rights Act

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Immigration and Nationality Act

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities

Highway Beautification Act

Higher Education Act

2014 Civil Rights Summit


DIG13581-047 Library Exterior. Serial Number: DIG13581-047. Date: 3/6/2014. Download: Medium (8.6 MB) Credit: LBJ Library photo by Lauren Gerson.

DIG13542-003 Library Exterior. Serial Number: DIG13542-003. Date: 07/22/2013. Download: Medium (1.8 MB) Credit: LBJ Library photo by Lauren Gerson.

Oval OfficeOval Office Exhibit. Serial Number: 3IMG_0013. Download: Medium (672 KB) Credit: LBJ Library photo by Gary Phelps.

Great Hall. Serial Number: DIG13485-008. Date: 03/26/2013. Download: Medium (3.5 MB) Credit: LBJ Library photo by Lauren Gerson.

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Historical Facts about the LBJ Presidential Library

Official Name:

  • Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum

Other Appropriate Name:

  • LBJ Presidential Library

Dedication Date:

  • May 22, 1971


  • The library is situated on a 30-acre site on The University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas
  • The building is on a promontory-like plaza adjoining Sid Richardson Hall and the LBJ School of Public Affairs

Library Architecture:

  • Modern and monolithic in design, the ten-story building is notable for its unornamented travertine exterior
  • The east and west walls have a base thickness of eight feet, curving gently upward to the underside walls of the tenth floor, which overhangs the exterior walls by fifteen feet on each side
  • The north and south walls are set back fifteen feet, with balconies overlooking the campus and city
  • The most notable feature of the interior is the Great Hall, with its ceremonial staircase and a four-story, glass-encased view of the archives collection

Library Architects:

  • Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. Partner-in-charge: Gordon Bunshaft
  • Also, Brooks, Barr, Graeber, and White. Partner-in-charge: R. Max Brooks


Learn how the library was planned, Lady Bird Johnson’s influence, the historical significance of the archival collections, and LBJ’s insistence that the history of his times be reflected openly, showing the failures as well as successes. Your host is Harry Middleton, Director of the Library for 30 years.


“It is all here: the story of our time with the bark off...This Library will show the facts, not just the joy and triumphs, but the sorrow and failures, too.”

“I hope that visitors who come here will achieve a closer understanding ... of the Presidency ... and that young people will get a clearer comprehension of what this nation tried to do in an eventful period of its history.” —from the words of Lyndon Baines Johnson at the dedication of the LBJ Library on May 22, 1971.


To preserve and protect the historical materials in the collections of the Johnson Library and make them readily accessible; to increase public awareness of the American experience through relevant exhibitions and educational programs; to advance the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum's standing as a center for intellectual activity and community leadership while meeting the challenges of a changing world.