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Why you don’t throw trash out the window

Dec 02, 2013

by Bob Greene
[posted on on 12/1/2013]

You've probably seen it hundreds of times over this long holiday weekend:
You're driving down the highway or along a hometown street, and from the car in front of you someone heaves a pile of garbage out the window.
Maybe it's the driver of the car, balling up fast-food wrappers and paper bags and tossing them high into the air as his car speeds merrily along.
Or maybe it's someone on the passenger side, opening the window and lofting a soft-drink can or glass bottle somewhere in the direction of the side of the road, barely missing your hood.
It's like an aerial barrage, everywhere around you, all the trash being thrown from all the cars onto all the roadways. ...
You say you didn't see anything like that?
You say you didn't observe a single person throw a single load of garbage from a car window?
Chances are, the scenario described above seems like a bad dream, something you didn't witness and would not want to.
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