President Lyndon Johnson on the telephone. [LBJ Library photo by Robert Knudsen. #A7035-6]

Washington newspaper interviews Mark Updegrove about LBJ tapes on C-SPAN

Oct 22, 2012

by Emmanuel Touhey

[originally posted on The Hill on 10/16/12]

What makes C-SPAN Radio stand out from the crowd is its oral histories and archival programming, in particular the Lyndon Johnson White House tapes.

C-SPAN Radio began airing the tapes in January 1998. There are some 643 hours of recordings, and “almost all that were of suitable quality have been aired,” said Roberta Jackson, who produces the historical segments.

LBJ Library Director Mark Updegrove said C-SPAN Radio’s airing of the tapes “has certainly enhanced LBJ’s reputation and given people a greater appreciation of his legacy. … Nixon’s tapes condemned him. It’s just the opposite for LBJ.” read more