Joseph A. Califano, Ervin Duggan, Bill Moyers, Walter Mondale and George McGovern in conversation with Bob Schieffer on LBJ's Great Society. [Photo courtesy of Hunter College]

The LBJ Library remembers Senator George McGovern

Oct 22, 2012

Senator George McGovern had a strong and long-lasting relationship with President Johnson. On May 5, 2011, LBJ Library director Mark Updegrove interviewed him at his home in St. Augustine, Florida. This interview is now part of the LBJ Library Oral History collection. Senator McGovern talked at length about his relationship with President Johnson, his impression of President Kennedy, and his feelings about the Vietnam War. You can read a transcript here.

Senator McGovern was a panelist at the Hunter College Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute, which hosted "Revisiting the Great Society: The Role of Government from FDR and LBJ to Today. Mark Updegrove provided the introductory remarks. Photographs, videos, and a PDF of the compendium are available here.