Lady Bird Johnson and others raft down the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park. [LBJ Library photo by Robert Knudsen. #33019-17]

The Clean Water Network Celebrates Clean Water Act 40th Anniversary

Oct 19, 2012

by Natalie Roy, Executive Director, Clean Water Network

[originally posted on on October 17, 2012]

When I was ten years old, I wrote letters to President Lyndon Johnson and New York Mayor John Lindsey.

The letters conveyed my ten-year-old sense of outrage about polluted air and water as well as dismay about litter on the streets. My friends and I even made up a song about pollution on our way to an outdoor field trip.

My teacher that year had us make a film (no videos back then) about taking care of our natural resources. I played the role of kid who abused the environment. The year was 1968.

It is an understatement to say there was plenty of turmoil that year. Protests, riots, and assassinations were in the fabric of the time, but so were advances in civil rights and women’s rights.  We were about solving problems then.  Everyone wanted to change the world and make a difference. Activism was not only a good thing, but something cool.  read more