President Lyndon Johnson addressing the nation upon conclusion of the Glassboro Summit Conference. L-R: Television cameraman, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson and Lynda Bird Johnson behind him. [LBJ Library photo #C5791-4A by Geissinger]

Remembering White House ‘fish bowl’

Feb 19, 2013

by Gwen Filosa

[posted on on February 17, 2013]

Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, the eldest of President Lyndon B. Johnson's two daughters, told a Key West audience on Saturday that, despite 45 years of volunteer service on a literary nonprofit board, she is certain how the press will remember her.

"My obituary, which I am getting closer and closer to," she said, on a panel of other presidential descendants, "the first line will be, 'The daughter of ...' The second line will be, 'The wife of ...' and the third line I'm pretty sure will be 'The mother of ...'

"I have three almost perfect daughters."

Robb spent about two hours Saturday at the Harry S. Truman Little White House, sharing the stage with Gerald Ford's daughter, Richard Nixon's nephew, Herbert Hoover's great-granddaughter, and Truman's grandson. [MIKE HENTZ/The Citizen| Margaret Hoover, second from left, Clifton Truman Daniel, Lynda Johnson Robb, Don Nixon and Susan Ford Bales are seen Saturday at the Harry S. Truman Little White House. At far left is CNN's John Avlon, the moderator as well as husband of Hoover.]

"Presidential Families: Out of the Fishbowl, Back to the Pond," in its fourth year on the eve of Presidents Day, drew about 90 people to the lawn of the Little White House, 111 Front St. read more