Swearing in of Lyndon Johnson as President on Air Force One.[LBJ Library photo #1A-1-WH63 by Cecil Stoughton]

Media coverage of November 22, 1963

Nov 19, 2013

JFK Tragedy Tested LBJ's Ability To Lead And Deliver: an interview with Mark Updegrove
by Shelly Kofler
[posted on keranews.org on 11/20/2013]

John F. Kennedy, the young President from Massachusetts, had a complicated relationship with his vice president, Texas deal-maker Lyndon Johnson.

But historian Mark Updegrove, director of the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, believes the two men had developed mutual respect by the time they visited Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

At Love Field, any concerns that Texans didn’t love their president had dissolved.  Adoring fans cheered wildly and waved as President Kennedy and the First Lady stepped from Air Force One and climbed into an open limousine.

In an audio recording Lady Bird Johnson made later that day she recalled the admiring crowds that lined the path of the motorcade as it cruised through downtown Dallas.

“The streets were lined with people, lots and lots of children all smiling, placards, confetti, people waving from windows,” she said.

Updegrove says the visit began just as Vice President Johnson had hoped. read more

LBJ's children reflect on JFK assassination and dad's legacy
by Gloria Campos
[posted on WFAA.com on November 13, 2013]
The assassination of John F Kennedy put veteran Washington lawmaker Lyndon Baines Johnson in the White House as the nation’s 36th president.

Suddenly, two teenage girls from Texas were thrust into the international spotlight when their father unexpectedly became the nation's commander-in-chief.

Lynda Bird Johnson was 19 years old and a student at the University of Texas when she heard the news of President Kennedy's violent death from a classmate.

"She came over and told me that she heard on the radio the president was shot," Lynda recalled in a series of lectures to University of Texas students from 2008-2012. "We literally fell on our knees and started praying." read more

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