LBJ biographer nearing end of story

Apr 07, 2014

by Patrick Beach

One more book. Although Robert A. Caro's fourth volume in his monumental biography of Lyndon B. Johnson gets fewer than 50 days into Johnson's presidency, the biographer who's been chasing his subject since the 1970s swears he can wrap it up in just a fifth and final volume. Give him a couple or three years. No, seriously.

Which makes one wonder: After living so long with this Texas political colossus, what will it be like when Caro is finished?

He stopped and thought before answering the question during a visit to Austin last week at the end of a tour to talk about and promote "The Passage of Power" (Knopf, $35), which came out earlier this month.
"I guess," he said after thinking and squinting, which he does before answering many a question, struggling to get it just right, "I'm going to miss him." read more