President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with Civil Rights leaders [LBJ Library photo #w425-21_med by Yoichi Okamoto]

Jeb Bush commends LBJ for leadership

Apr 26, 2013

by James Hohmann
[posted on on April 24, 2013]

On the eve of George W. Bush’s presidential library opening, Jeb Bush praised his brother Wednesday for keeping a low-profile since leaving office.

“I think my brother deserves a little credit for not sitting on the sidelines and publicly chirping,” the former Florida governor told a civics group at a luncheon speech. “I think that’s a great tradition in this country: that once you serve, you do your best and then you move on.”

The potential 2016 Republican candidate began a policy-heavy speech to the World Affairs Council with only a brief mention of the real reason he’s in town.

“Of course, George and Laura are welcoming 30,000 of their closest friends to Dallas,” he said.

When he ended the Wednesday speech with a long riff on the importance of “leadership,” he commended a surprising ex-president: Lyndon Johnson. He announced that he has just finished reading the third volume of Robert Caro’s biographies on Lyndon Johnson. read more