President Lyndon B. Johnson watches his grandson, Patrick Lyndon Nugent, play with the telephone. [LBJ Library photo #D1421-12 by Yoichi Okamoto]

Get to know LBJ even more as you revisit history

Feb 04, 2013

Politics are in the air, and we’re not talking about the inauguration. The LBJ Presidential Library, which houses documents, photos, and recordings from the Texas native’s career, completed a $10 million redesign on December 22—what would have been Lady Bird’s 100th birthday. Located on The University of Texas campus, this super packed scene now sports 17 new galleries filled with  impressive artifacts, including recordings of phone calls between the 36th president and notables like Martin Luther King Jr. Want your chance as commander in chief? Step up to the interactive touch-screen panel that presents details of the Vietnam War and allows guests to choose a course of action, just as LBJ did. To get the most of your visit, download the library’s smartphone app, which offers five themed audio guides. We know what we’re doing this Presidents Day.  read more