Bryan Cranston’s HBO Recreation of All the Way Arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray Today

Sep 06, 2016

Originally published Sept. 6, 2016 in Playbill

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Robert Schenkkan's Tony-winning drama charts LBJ's battle to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The rest of the world gets to see Bryan Cranston's 2014 Tony Award-winning performance as President Lyndon Baines Johnson on September 6 when the HBO adaptation of Robert Schenkkan's Tony winner for Best Play, All the Way, is released on DVD and Blu-Ray by HBO Home Entertainment.

Bonus material on both formats includes a historical featurette.

The Blu-ray version can be ordered here.

HBO originally aired the broadcast May 21, 2016. Check out this time-lapse video of Cranston getting into makeup and transforming into LBJ for the broadcast:

Cranston leads a cast that includes Stephen Root (Justified) as FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, Marque Richardson (Dear White People) as civil rights activist Bob Moses, Melissa Leo as Ladybird Johnson, Frank Langella as LBJ mentor Senator Richard Russell and Anthony Mackie as Dr. Martin Luther King.

The 2014 film Selma was criticized by some for presenting a distorted picture of the relationship between King and President Lyndon Johnson during the battle to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The stage drama presented a much more complex picture of the same events, which formed a centerpiece of both men's careers.

Schenkkan’s drama about President Johnson’s first year in office was directed for TV by Jay Roach. HBO acquired the rights to adapt the play in July 2014, about a month after it also won the Tony Award as Best Play. The title refers to Johnson's campaign slogan, “All the way with LBJ.” Stephen Spielberg serves as executive producer.

Roach produced and directed Cranston in Trumbo, a film about blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Roach directed another politically themed 2012 HBO project, Game Change, about Republican John McCain and Sarah Palin’s 2008 campaign for the White House.