Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency

Jun 04, 2012

"This book throbs with voices from an era that proved to be a hinge of American history. No one should be more eager to hear those voices than Barack Obama, whose path to the White House was cleared by LBJ's indomitable will." – Bill Moyers

In INDOMITABLE WILL: LBJ in the Presidency, Mark K. Updegrove brings Johnson compellingly to life through the stories and recollections of those who were with him throughout his presidency—friends and family members, aides and cabinet members, political allies and enemies, and members of the White House press pool—and in Johnson's own words through intimate recollections as history was being made.

Updegrove writes, "For it is through firsthand narrative more than anything, that Lyndon John­son—who teemed with vitality in his sixty-four years and remains enigmatic nearly four decades after his passing—comes to life."

INDOMITABLE WILL is an intimate, insightful view of LBJ: the good, the bad, the ugly and the pure; a president who worked feverishly to do "the greatest good for the greatest number" of Americans and was desperate for their elusive approbation.

About Indomitable Will

An all-encompassing oral history of Lyndon Johnson's presidency, told in the words of LBJ himself and those who knew him best. With over 25 unique photographs and never-before published documents, including transcripts from LBJ's phone conversations while in office.

Reviews of Indomitable Will

"Updegrove's valiant and interesting effort to reappraise the man and his presidency is both valuable and necessary." – Booklist Review

"Lyndon Johnson was so big a figure that no one canvas, let alone one book can adequately capture him. Yet Mark K. Updegrove, the director of the Johnson Library and Museum, does remarkably well with one crisp phrase: 'Flawed, yes, and not always good, but great.' This is serious work, with a serious second look at a lot of the received wisdom, which is, of course, flawed conventional wisdom about Johnson." – The Boston Globe

"Mark K. Updegrove has written a clever book that LBJ himself—his Machiavellian subject—would have enjoyed. Indomitable Will is a great read for those who enjoy an articulate description of how American politics shape-shifts into history over time. The author tells a story that seems to encapsulate LBJ's approach to life." - Buffalo News

"LBJ oral history holds surprises." - San Antonio Express-News

Lyndon Baines Johnson is an often underappreciated and largely misunderstood U.S. president. His sweeping legislative agenda transformed modern America—in civil rights, education, health care, immigration, arts and humanities, and the environment—but he is remembered most for his failed policy in Vietnam. As the long shadow of Vietnam recedes and Johnson's domestic accomplishments continue to resound, a new view of LBJ's indelible mark on America is overdue. And it is particularly timely as the election of 2012 unfolds and the role of the federal government, as well as some of LBJ's landmark legislation—Medicare, Voting Rights, immigration reform—is at the center of much of the debate.

Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency is available now at the LBJ Library Store. To order, please call 512-232-2396. Also available at through these online vendors:

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