Lisa Castro
Special Events Coordinator
(512) 721-0183
[email protected]ov


Jennifer Cuddeback
Supervisory Archivist
(512) 721-0181
[email protected]

=Photo of Laura Eggert

Laura Eggert
Volunteer & Visitor Services Coordinator
(512) 721-0225
[email protected]

=Photo of Darren Jernigan

Darren Jernigan
Facility Manager/IT
(512) 721-0167
[email protected]

=Photo of Balmore Lazo

Balmore Lazo
Senior Designer
(512) 721-0155
[email protected]


Michael MacDonald
Deputy Director
(512) 721-0199
[email protected]

=Photo of Sarah McCracken

Sarah McCracken
Director of Public Programs
[email protected]

=Photo of Amanda Melancon

Amanda Melancon
Education Specialist
(512) 721-0172
[email protected]


Kassandra Navarro
Director of Digital Strategy
[email protected]

=Photo of Anne Wheeler

Anne Wheeler
Communications Director
(512) 721-0216
[email protected]

=Photo of Blair Newberry

Blair Newberry
Director of Admissions and Retail
[email protected]


Dr. Kyle Longley