=LBJ Presidential Library Logo

LBJ Presidential Library Logo

The Story Behind Our Logo

For more than 40 years we've called ourselves the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum. And everyone else has called us the LBJ Library. From now on, you'll see us embrace the name by which President Johnson is so well known. We are the LBJ Presidential Library.

With our new name comes a new logo, and we want it to be a recognizable symbol that tells a story about LBJ. From the Voting Rights Act to Head Start, from Medicare to Higher Education, any one of his initiatives would represent a historic achievement for a President. And taking his accomplishments as a whole, LBJ had an immeasurable impact on the American social compact. Our logo incorporates two images that honor this legacy.

The silhouette of LBJ is drawn from a real photo from our archives. It's a photo of LBJ looking out of an Oval Office window as he often did while contemplating his decisions for the nation. Connected to the silhouette is LBJ's signature, a powerful symbol of the many pieces of legislation he signed that fulfilled the true promise of America for people who were disadvantaged and disenfranchised. The type is set in a contemporary font inspired by a 1960's mid-century modern aesthetic that reflects LBJ's days in the White House.

Taken as a whole, we believe the new name and logo represent the timeless lessons we can learn from LBJ while connecting him to the world as we know it today.

It's a new day for LBJ.