A Conversation between LBJ and Wayne Aspinall

12:11PM -  0:26-2:57

LBJ: (0:25) Wayne?

A: Yes, Mr. President.

LBJ: Secretary Udall is here with me, and we're talking about a rather urgent proposal that we thought we ought to recommend, but before I did, I wanted to talk to you about it and get you to help us if you could or give me your approval if you could.  I'll let him outline to you very briefly what our thought is and let's help me if you can.  Go ahead, Stew.

U: Wayne, the problem--and we're really between a rock and a hard place on this--is with the  Redwoods. You know, this fellow that owns the land in there is cutting--he has land outside the park, trees outside the park, that he could cut.  Ed Crafts [of] the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation knows this thing very well.  I talked with him when he was in at the time of the Senate hearings, and he refused to negotiate this.  We told him we'd pay him whatever the extra cost was, and he's just literally cutting down the park.  Well, this would be a little emergency bill--there's never been a bill like this, as far as I know--and we would suspend his right to cut for a year to give Congress time to act.

A: How would you suspend?

U: Well, it would be, in effect, Wayne, the purchase of that right.  It would be sort of an unusual easement, the purchase of--in other words, we'd prohibit him from doing something with his property--

A: Is he within the small area, the smaller of the areas that's been recommended?

U: No, he owns--yes, that's right.  This is the area the administration's recommended, Wayne.

A: As far as I'm concerned, that's alright.  Now I'm leaving in the morning, and this has to be done with O’Bill Brien [Leo William O’Brien].  And I'll get O’Bill Brien; I'll tell him that this is alright and as soon as the bill gets up here, why, this small part, why, see if he  can't rush it through.

U: Alright.  Wonderful, Wayne.

A: Okay.

LBJ: I'll ask another thing.  Do you represent Denver?

A: No, no, Mr. President.  I represent an area as big as New England, but it's outside of Denver by thirty-eight miles on one side and twenty-two on the other.

LBJ: I want to do something for you sometime, but I was never as pleased at any visit I ever had than the one in Denver.

A: (Laughter) Mr. President, I could see how you were pleased, and I felt wonderful because of that. 

LBJ: Well, I just--you figure out something I can do in your district some time, even if it's denounce you--

A: (Laughter) Okay.

LBJ: --Let me come do it.  (2:57)

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