• On this day in 1964, President Johnson met with Mexican President-elect Gustavo Diaz-Ordaz at the LBJ Ranch.

  • On this day in 1966, President Johnson signed the Food for Peace Act of 1966.

    ’On February 10, I proposed to the Congress a Food for Freedom program, by which the United States might lead the world in a war against hunger. The act which I have signed today prepares us for this historic task.

    ’We must be certain that our Food for Freedom grants are consistent with our program to encourage the sound and rapid expansion of food production in the receiving countries. Food for Freedom grants will be made only where the country receiving the grant demonstrates its own willingness to help win its own war on hunger. We must also be certain that Food for Freedom grants are made, whenever possible, on a multilateral basis with the other countries of the world who have the resources to join us in food grant programs. We are all members of the family of man and as such we must band together if we are to be successful in the war on hunger.’