• On this day in 1964, President Johnson made remarks on the ratification of the Twenty-Fourth Amendment to the Constitution abolishing poll taxes.

    ’Today, as they have always done throughout the long and rewarding history of this country, the people of the United States made known their views.

    ’The abolishment of the poll tax as a condition to voting in Federal elections is the forward step of a modern society. It is a verification of people’s fights which are rooted so deeply in the mainstream of this Nation’s history.

  • On this day in 1968, President Johnson sent a message to Congress, ’To Earn a Living: The Right of Every American.’

    I will ask the Congress to appropriate $2.1 billion for our manpower programs for fiscal 1969.

    • This is the largest such program in the Nation’s history.
    • It is a 25 percent increase over fiscal 1968.
    • It will add $442 million to our manpower efforts.

    In a vigorous, flourishing economy, this is a program for justice as well as for jobs.
    These funds will enable us to continue and strengthen existing programs, and to advance to new ground as well.

    With this program, we can reach 1.3 million Americans, including those who have rarely if ever been reached before—the hard-core unemployed