• On this day in 1964, President Johnson had a telephone conversation with the Reverend Billy Graham. Reverend Graham told LBJ had had been praying for him. The President discussed his problems with USSR, China, and Walter Jenkins’ arrest. President Johnson invited Reverend Graham to the White House Saturday night and to hold services on Sunday.

  • On this day in 1965, President Johnson signed the Clean Air Act Amendments and Solid Waste Disposal Bill.

    ’We made a hopeful beginning toward solving this problem with the Clean Air Act of 1963. Today, with the signing of the Clean Air Act Amendments and Solid Waste Disposal Act, we are redoubling our efforts.

    ’This act will require all 1968 model automobiles—including the foreign models that are sold here—to meet Federal control standards for exhaust.

    ’This bill creates a Federal research and technical assistance program to seek ways of disposing of the millions of tons of solid wastes that we generate each year.

    ’This bill gives us the tools to halt pollution before it starts in new industries.’