• On this day in 1968, President made remarks in the Rose Garden at the swearing in of W. Marvin Watson as Postmaster General.

    ’The Postal Service is one office of the Government that touches the lives of all Americans every day. This year, I am told, the Post Office Department will handle 83 billion pieces of mail. The Post Office Department today has employed in it more than 700,000 people. Nine States have smaller populations than does the Post Office Department.

    ’Its annual budget is equal to the budgets of Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida—all combined. A job that is this big needs a good manager and a good leader, and I think the best man whom I could find for that job has been selected.

    ’I have indicated on occasions in the past something about the respect that I have for Marvin Watson and I don’t think that he needs any assurances of how I feel about him—and I don't need any about how he feels about me. I think both of us know how you feel or you would not be here.

    ’I just want to observe, though, that he has served here in the White House for more than 3 years. I think he knows the weight of responsibility in Government. I think he knows the pressure for decision and the necessity for action. I have found him always cool in crisis, and we have had enough of them for me to test him. He has been constant in his service and his devotion and he has always been wise and frank in his counsel.

    ’I believe he is a man to match the demands of his new duty.’