• On this day in 1967, President Johnson gave a toast at a dinner honoring the Vice-President (Hubert H. Humphrey), the Speaker of the House (John W. McCormack), and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Earl Warren).

    ’Each of these men has passed through many trials. Each has borne the burden of many conflicts. Each has suffered the venomous abuse which often attends good men in public life.

    ’Yet never have they retreated. Never have they for one moment withdrawn from the struggle. Never have they flinched from the total commitment to freedom

  • On this day in 1968, President Johnson gave his annual message to the Congress on the State of the Union.

    ’I report to you that our country is challenged, at home and abroad:

    ’—that it is our will that is being tried, not our strength; our sense of purpose, not our ability to achieve a better America;

    ’—that we have the strength to meet our every challenge; the physical strength to hold the course of decency and compassion at home; and the moral strength to support the cause of peace in the world

  • On this day in 1969, President Johnson attended the District of Columbia Ceremony honoring the President and Mrs. Johnson.

    The President and Mrs. Johnson were presented with plaques and gold keys to the city designed by Ivan Chermayeff, one of the Nation's leading graphic artists, in recognition of their ’rich and lasting contributions to the District of Columbia and its people.’

    The President’s plaque was inscribed,

    Friend, benefactor and champion of the City of Washington, 1963