• On this day in 1965, President Johnson made a statement on Federal Employment of Mentally Retarded Persons.

    OVER a year ago, in January 1964, we inaugurated a program to open routine jobs in the Federal Government to mentally retarded but occupationally qualified persons. Our hope and intent was to demonstrate the useful potential of individuals suffering mental as well as physical handicaps without creating extra jobs especially for such persons—and without compromising the quality or efficiency of the Federal work force.

    Chairman John Macy of the Civil Service Commission has just reported to me the results of our first full-year effort under this pioneering program. What has been done by the Federal agencies is gratifying, and what has been learned from the program is most useful to our further planning.

  • On this day in 1966, President Johnson signed a Bill to abolish the Postal Savings System. LBJ stated,

    ’I sign this bill with the assurance that no postal worker will be adversely affected.

    ’I also sign it with the assurance that no American saver will be inconvenienced. For those who would still like to deposit their savings with the United States Government, I can think of no better way to do so than through United States savings bonds. With the increase in interest that I announced just last month, these bonds will be giving more than twice the interest of the Postal Savings System.’

  • On this day in 1967, President Johnson met with Prime Minister Maiwandwal of Afghanistan at the White House.