Frequently Asked Questions

How can my group rent the LBJ Presidential Library space for an event?
To plan an event, please call Lisa Castro, special events coordinator, at (512) 721-0183, or email to determine which venue is best for your group. Everyone who comes to the LBJ Library is welcomed and encouraged to tour the exhibits. Proceeds from venue rentals benefit the LBJ Library.

What events can be held at the LBJ Library?
Special events and meetings at the LBJ Library can be held by corporate and nonprofit organizations. Social engagements such as wedding, anniversaries, and birthday parties are not permitted.

How many people can the LBJ Library accommodate for each event?
Locations at the LBJ Library can accommodate intimate business meetings to large corporate events. Our rentable locations include The Great Hall, The George and Alice Brown Conference Room, and The Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Atrium.

How can reservations be guaranteed?
Once our Special Events Coordinator has confirmed a reservation on the LBJ Library calendar, a formal contract will be signed. To guarantee a reservation, a signed contract and a 50% deposit are required 30 days before the date of the event.

What audiovisual equipment is included in the cost of the rental?
A set up for a podium and a microphone is included in the cost. There are additional charges for any other audiovisual needs, such as a laptop, screen, and projector. Videographers and/or photographers are available by the hour (at the current rate of $75.00 per hour).

What furniture is available at the LBJ Library for events?
The LBJ Library provides tables and chairs available for events. A work order for University of Texas Transportation to set up the LBJ Library’s tables and chairs is required. The cost of this labor ranges from $200-400. The Special Events Coordinator prepares all work orders for you and bills you or your company for the furniture arrangement costs.

Are extra security guards required for events?
Events after 5 p.m. require an extra security guard at the Information Desk to ensure entry for invited guests until all guests depart from the building. If your group is planning to tour the exhibits, an additional security guard is required. The cost of a security guard is approximately $37.00 per hour.

May I schedule an event to end after 9:00 p.m.?
Our venues are available for rental only between the hours of 5:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Does The Store at LBJ automatically stay open for events held after 5:00 p.m.?
There is a $50 per hour charge to have the store stay open for events held after 5:00 p.m.

Is there extra time available to set up for the event?
Our Special Events Coordinator will work with your group to ensure that there is enough time for you to set up your event.

Can raffles/ticket sales be held at events?
No monetary transactions may occur in the LBJ Library building. For more information, email our Special Events Coordinator or call (512) 721-0183.

Can personal caterers be used?
No. Only caterers that have been approved by the LBJ Library are permitted.

What types of decorations can be used at the event?
Only flowers may be brought. Helium balloons, confetti, and glitter are not allowed. Other decorations may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Are linens included?
No. Linens are rented at an additional charge through the caterer of your event.

Is there enough parking at the LBJ Library to accommodate all guests?
The LBJ Library Visitors’ parking lot 38 has 158 parking spots, including space for bus drop-off of guests. There is no fee for parking in Lot 38. For events beginning after 5 p.m., there is free parking in Lot 39 providing 250 parking spots. There is also overflow parking available in the Manor Garage on a self-pay, space-available basis.

Are cash bars allowed at events?
Cash bars are not allowed; however, arrangements can be made with your caterer to provide tickets that may be exchanged for cocktails and/or wine.

Can events at the LBJ Library be publicized?
Yes. However, the official invitation or e-vite must first be approved by the Special Events Coordinator.

Is there a penalty for cancelling an event?
A 10% cancellation fee will be charged for events cancelled more than 60 days away from the event date. A 50% fee is charged for events cancelled more than 30 days of the event date. There is no cancellation fee charged if the event is cancelled within 30 days of the event date.

For more information, please contact the Special Events Coordinator.

Located on the fourth floor of the LBJ Library, the Great Hall is an elegant, open space suitable for seated dinners as well as large receptions. The Great Hall provides a dramatic four-story, glass-encased view of the archives collection housing 45 million pages of documents. Portraits of the U.S. Presidents and First Ladies line one wall. This room is available from 5-9 p.m., Monday through Friday.
• Room Size: 8,500 square feet
• Standing reception capacity: 887
• Seated dinner capacity: 100

Guests:         Cost:
1 - 200           $2,000.00 
201 - 400       $2,500.00
401 - 887       $3,500.00

The George and Alice Brown Conference Room
The Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Atrium

The Brown Room is located on the tenth floor of the LBJ Library. It is available for meetings Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
Receptions in the Brown Room must be held after 5 p.m.

• Room Size: 2,021 square feet
A set-up for presentations including project, screen, podium, and/or microphone is included in the price for auditorium-style, classroom, and/or luncheon meetings in the Brown Room.

Room Setup Capacity Guests
Auditorium-style 90 1-50
Classroom 50 51-90
Seated Luncheon 64  
Reception - standing 80  





Daytime/General Public    Evening/General Public

(9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)     (5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.)
$350.00                               $500.00
$400.00                               $600.00
The Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Atrium
The Great Hall

The Atrium is located on the 10th floor of the LBJ Library. When the LBJ Library was dedicated in 1971, this room was an open courtyard. Later, the room was enclosed and, in 1984, was dedicated to Frank C. Erwin, Jr. The Atrium is available after 5:00 p.m. for receptions and dinners.
A set-up for a podium and a microphone is included in the cost. There is an additional charge for any other audiovisual needs, such as a laptop, screen, or projector.
• Room Size: 3,229 square feet
Guests:         Evening/General Public:               
1 - 100           $1,000.00
101 - 200       $1,500.00

Room set-up                Capacity
Auditorium-style           170
Reception - Standing    200
Dinner - Seated            120

The George and Alice Brown Conference Room
The Great Hall
The Atrium