The White House Years

The White House Years Exhibit, 10th floor, LBJ Library

The Johnson Library is the official depository for the more than two thousand head of state gifts presented to President and Mrs. Johnson, including ceremonial swords from Morocco and Saudi Arabia, Chinese tomb sculptures from the T’ang Dynasty, an alabaster funerary vase from Egypt, and many other finely crafted objects from all around the world. The gifts displayed in this exhibit include jewelry, sculpture, ceremonial swords, and, of course, cowboy hats and alligator boots. The exhibit also features artifacts and photos about life at the LBJ Ranch, where the President spent twenty percent of his time in office. “The White House Years” exhibit is on the 10th floor of the library and is located near the replica of the Oval Office. Click on the first image to begin the slideshow.

Mike Gillette, author and former director of the Oral History Program at the LBJ Library, gives an overview of this exhibit:

Here is a rare video clip of LBJ's amphibious car floating across the Pedernales River. 

Read more about LBJ's amphicar here.

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Bookmark made with deer skin from the LBJ RanchWhen a U.S. President visits foreign Heads of State, he brings a gift representative of our country. LBJ was known for giving unique gifts, such as electric toothbrushes featuring the Presidential Seal, photographs of himself, and bookmarks like this one made of deerskin from the LBJ ranch.

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