The Oval Office

The Oval Office at the LBJ Library
Televisions in the Oval Office
Kennedy rocker in LBJ Oval Office
Presidential seal on the ceiling of the Oval Office

This replica of the Oval Office on the 10th floor of the LBJ Library duplicates President Johnson's office in the White House at 7/8th scale. The office looks exactly as it did during Johnson's Presidency, including the desk he used beginning in his Senate days through the White House years, his books and the three televisions that kept him apprised of the news, and a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who, Johnson said, gave him his great desire for public office. For a closer look at the individual furnishings in LBJ's Oval Office and to listen to the telephone conversation during which he requests that this exhibit be added to the Library, click here.

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Did You Know…

In 1909, President William Howard Taft held a competition among architects to design a new Executive office in the White House.  The winning design, by Nathan C. Wyeth, was inspired by the White House's original Blue Room, designed by George Washington to have bowed walls which gave the room an oval shape.

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