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The LBJ Library has more than 54,000 objects in its Museum Collection, with only 2% currently seen in the permanent exhibits. This case is designated to show the breadth of the Museum Collection and will changed periodically.

From May 8 - November 19, 2014, we will display several Civil War objects from the Museum Collection.


Letter to Mr. J.D. Grove from Private Tom J. Miller, Company A, 23rd Regiment Iowa Infantry (November 5, 1862)
Private Miller saw action during the Battles of Port Gibson, Champion Hill, Big Black River Bridge, the Siege of Vicksburg.  Although he survived the war and returned home to Iowa, his friend Jake Grove, mentioned in the letter, was wounded May 17, 1863, at Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi, and died June 9, 1863, aboard the Hospital Steamer (riverboat) Hood.
Gift of E.H. Jacobe

Dyer 3-inch Caliber Projectile (circa 1862)
This “case-shot” projectile consists of a hollow cast iron body containing lead balls embedded in sulfur, and a black powder bursting charge.  Union artillerymen, using the 3-inch ordnance rifles, fired Dyer 3-inch shells at Confederate infantry.  Paper fuses were used to denominate the shell in the vicinity of enemy forces spraying them a shower of lead balls and shrapnel.  This unexplored shell was found at Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.  
Gift of Ray Suttles

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Did You Know…

Did you know? An estimated 300 women disguised themselves as men and fought in the ranks. More than 620,000 people, or two percent of the population, died in the Civil War. An Iowa regiment had a rule that any man who uttered an oath should read a chapter in the Bible. Several of them got nearly through the Old Testament. There were over 2,000 boys who were 14 years-old or younger in the Union ranks. Learn more here

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