Scale model of LBJ’s boyhood home

[LBJ Library photo by Ruth Goerger.]

This week's artifact is a scale model (1:87 ratio) of the LBJ boyhood home circa 1913 (1997.15.1).   

Two weeks after his fifth birthday, Lyndon Johnson's family moved from his birthplace, a farm near Stonewall, Texas, to Johnson City, fourteen miles away. They lived in this house for more than two decades. Later in life, he referenced the importance of those years, saying, "I know—from personal experience—that abiding values and abundant visions are learned in the homes of our people."

The house is now a part of the LBJ National Historic Park in Johnson City, Texas.

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LBJ at the Texas White House"This is my country, the hill country of Texas. Through the years when time would permit, here is where I would always return, to the Pedernales River, the scenes of my childhood.” - Lyndon Johnson [LBJ Library photo by Frank Wolfe. #D4717-23a]

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