Republican Elephant Baseball Cap

Novelty hat from the 1988 Republican National Convention

Novelty hat from the 1988 Republican National Convention [LBJ Library photo by Ruth Goerger. #1988.28.27]

This week's artifact is a novelty hat collected at the 1988 Republican National Convention.  It's a baseball cap with attached elephant ears, eyes, and trunk.  The real selling point is the cords attached to the ears that feed through the hat and tie under the chin.  In a moment of political zeal, a delegate to the convention could use the cords to happily flap their ears!  (1988.28.27)

This piece shows the non-partisan nature of the LBJ political collection, as we have holdings representing both major political parties (and some minor political parties) throughout US history.  We continue to expand our collection with each election.

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A symbol of the Democratic Party, a donkey was a popular gift from the people of the United States to LBJ. This bottle opener was a gift to LBJ from LeRoy A. Kolberg. [1970.48.52]

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