Relief sculpture of LBJ

[LBJ Library photo by Ruth Goerger]

This week's artifact is a relief sculpture bust of LBJ (1966.49.16) made from white capiz shells with a background of dark gray capiz shells. This bust is a part of our Head of State collection and was given by Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos during a trip to the Philippines.  See more gifts to LBJ from Heads of State here.

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Did You Know…

On October 28, 1966, President Johnson attended a State Dinner in his honor in Bangkok, Thailand. Here is the beginning of his toast: "The very name of your great nation means, in my own language, 'land of the free.' Those words are familiar to every American, for they are part of our national anthem. That anthem celebrates our homeland as 'the land of the free, and the home of the brave.' The people of Thailand also understand that those who wish to be free must first be brave." Read more here.

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