Portrait of Sam Rayburn

[LBJ Library photo by Renee Bair]

This week's artifact is a pastel rendering of former Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn (1970.4.5). Recognized for his legislative integrity, the Texas-raised Rayburn was Speaker of the House of Representatives for a total of seventeen years between 1940 and 1961. President Johnson benefited from Rayburn’s friendship, counsel, and support as Congressman, Senator and Vice President. The portrait, a piece from LBJ’s personal collection, was drawn by Gisbert Palmié in 1959 while he was working in Atlanta, Georgia.

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"President Johnson was a confidant, a protege, almost like a son really to Mr. Rayburn." Oral History of Rep. Frank Ikard. [LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton 1/6/65. Dedication of statue of Sam Rayburn.]

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