Paintings of President Johnson’s beagles

[LBJ Library photo by Renee Bair]

This week's artifacts are two oil paintings of President Johnson’s beagles Him and Her (1970.3.19; 1970.3.20). Throughout the Johnson years, the First Family was extended to include several canine friends, of which Him and Her are perhaps the most well-known. Supporting the idea that presidential pets can acquire a following nearly as broad as their owners’, Him and Her made the cover of LIFE Magazine on June 19, 1964. The artist Bror Bugler gave the portraits to LBJ in 1966. For more about LBJ's dogs here.

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Did You Know…

Him and Her, the most well known of the President Johnson's dogs, were registered beagles born on June 27, 1963. The President was often photographed playing with the dogs. In 1964, he raised the ire of many when he lifted 'Him' by his ears before a group on the White House lawn. 'Her' died  in November 1964, after she swallowed a stone. 'Him' died in June 1966 after he was hit by a car while chasing a squirrel on the White House lawn.

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