LBJ campaign art on an artificial fingernail

[LBJ Library photo by Ruth Goerger]

This week's artifact was found the in the LBJ political collection. It's an artificial fingernail (1997.16.1)—a novelty made to commemorate Johnson’s 1964 campaign by donor Jeffrey Vallance. Who says you can’t be political, yet fashionable? Vallance, an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, lived for a time on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. During his stay in Boerne, he made what he called a "pilgrimage" to the LBJ Library, the Ranch, and the birthplace. Vallance was inspired to make and donate and another piece to the LBJ Library after his trip.

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"Gifts coming to the White House that are not intended for the President or First Lady personally but are given with the intent to be made for the “White House,” or otherwise made to the government of the United States, and personal gifts not retained by the President or First Lady, are catalogued, distributed, or disposed of by the United States." —Congressional Research Service Report by Jack Maskell, Legislative Attorney, 2012. Read more

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