Gold necklace from the President of the Republic of Senegal

[LBJ Library photo by Ruth Goerger]

This week's artifact is a Head of State gift from Leopold Sedar Senghor, the President of the Republic of Senegal. This gold necklace (1966.40.1) was presented to Lady Bird during a 1966 official visit to the United States by the President of Senegal. Senghor served at the first president of Senegal after the country proclaimed independence in 1960. 

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"Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson can outtalk any other ten Texans with one tongue tied behind his cheek—and last week, deep in the heart of Africa, he applied his skill on an international scale. Accompanied by his wife Lady Bird, Johnson turned up in Senegal to represent the U.S. at the first anniversary of the nation's independence. When he left, some tens of thousands of Senegalese seemed ready to go all the way with L.B.J." Time Magazine [April 14, 1961]


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