First Day Issue Stamp

This week's artifact is part of our philatelic collection or, in layman’s terms, our stamp collection.  A number of our stamps, like these addressed to Mrs. Charles Robb (Lynda Johnson), were First Day Issue stamps mailed by the Postmaster General to the White House.  These particular stamps were issued on Jan. 16, 1969 to honor Lady Bird’s efforts in the Beautification of America. (1973.8890.109)

The philatelic collection at the LBJ Library consists mostly of gifts received from foreign Heads of State or First Day Issues from the United States Postal Service. LBJ did not collect as a hobby.

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LBJ was pictured on an eight-cent postage stamp issued on August 27, 1973. The design was derived from a painting by Elizabeth Shoumatoff. On August 4, 2005, the U.S. Postal Service issued a new stamp commemorating Presidential libraries.

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