Children’s drawings of the 1965 Inauguration

Inaugural Ball
Taking the oath of office
Inaugural Parade

The Museum Collections department came across a scrapbook (1973.7994.1) that contains images from the 1965 inauguration drawn by a group of 2nd graders. Juxtaposed with photographs, we can see an inaugural celebration from the perspective of a child.

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Did You Know…

Mrs. Johnson was the first President’s wife to hold the Bible at the swearing-in ceremony. She did this at her husband’s request. The Bible had always been held by the executive secretary of the Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee. The Bible was the one given to LBJ and Lady Bird by LBJ’s mother, Rebekah Baines Johnson, in 1952. This tradition of the First Lady holding a family Bible has continued to the present. Read more inauguration firsts.

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