LBJ Halloween mask

[LBJ Library photo by Ruth Goerger]

Imagine opening a cabinet, and seeing LBJ staring back at you. That's just what happened here. This LBJ mask was a gift from Dr. and Mrs. Frank Serman to the Library in 1974. One could really give ghosts and ghouls the “Johnson Treatment” while donning this unusual artifact. (1974.46.1) 

Actors will be playing the part of Lyndon Baines Johnson (without the mask) in two upcoming plays about the 36th President--"Great Society," by Alexander Harrington, and "All the Way," by Robert Schenkkan. "All the Way" stars Bryan Cranston, who spent two days at the LBJ Library researching his upcoming role. read more

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The New York Times reports that “All The Way was commissioned as part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s “American Revolutions” cycle of plays about United States history, and had its premiere there last July. Bill Rauch is directing the American Repertory Theater production as well." read more

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