A Conversation between LBJ and Lady Bird

8/4/1964 - 8:35 PM

Near the close of a day filled with crises, Lady Bird Johnson offers LBJ her comfort and support. 

Operator:   There you are.

LBJ:  Darling?

Lady Bird: Yes, beloved.

LBJ:  Did you want me?

Lady Bird: I just wanted to see you whenever you were all alone.

LBJ:  Alright.

Lady Bird: Just merely to tell you I loved you, that's all.

LBJ: Well, I'll be over there.  Are the [Judge and Mrs. Robert "Bobby"] Russells still there?

Lady Bird: No.  They left at 3:30 this afternoon, dear.

LBJ:  Well, I'll be darned.  Well, why didn't they tell me goodbye?

Lady Bird: Uh, because I guess they just--they figured you just didn't have a moment.

LBJ:  I'll be darned.  Well, any other news?

Lady Bird: Nothing in comparison to yours, darling.

LBJ: I'm trying to get Senator [Barry] Goldwater, and I'll come over just as soon as I get through.

Lady Bird: Honey, bring anybody who's a bachelor, or who wants to eat, or who would otherwise be doing without supper until real late, with you, will you?

LBJ:  Okay.

Lady Bird: Bye.