[LBJ Library photo #DIG13449-019 by Lauren Gerson]


The new core exhibits of the library opened on December 22, 2012, in celebration of what would have been Lady Bird Johnson's 100th birthday. 

The Legacy Gallery
The Legacy Gallery is dedicated to the impact President Johnson had on America. If you have watched PBS, received financial aid for college, enjoyed wildflowers on the side of a highway, enrolled in Medicare, or visited a national park—then chances are that legislation passed by LBJ has had a direct impact on your life today. Johnson's vision of a Great Society covered such a wide range of topics that it would be difficult to live a life free from the effects of his Presidency. From the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act to requiring that seat belts be worn in cars, LBJ has made a significant changes to everyday life in America. 

November 22, 1963
This gallery features images and artifacts from the fatal day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and LBJ became the 36th President of the United States. President Kennedy and Vice President Johnson were in Dallas, Texas raising money and support for Kennedy's reelection the following year. Visitors may pick up a telephone receiver to hear historic conversations relating to the transition of power to LBJ.

The Vietnam Conflict
The war in Vietnam began long before Lyndon Johnson's Presidency and ended in 1975, years after he left office. But for many Americans, it is the event most closely associated with Johnson's years in the White House. Of the millions of files, thousands of photos and recordings, and hundreds of films housed in our library, a substantial number relate to America's presence in Vietnam and are included in this interactive exhibit.

Social Justice Gallery
The Social Justice Gallery features telephone calls, artifacts and graphics related to legislation passed by LBJ and the reasons it was needed, including Civil Rights, beautification, education, the arts, poverty, and the Great Society. 

The Presidential Limousine
The President's limousine is on display in our lobby and is one of the first exhibits that visitors experience. This custom built Black Stretch Limousine was used by President Lyndon Johnson beginning in 1968 while he was in Austin, Texas. Weighing 5,100 pounds, the limousine is equipped with a TV, telephone, and reserve gas tank. There is a specially designed communication system within the car for contact with the Secret Service. However, the vehicle is not armored, bullet-proof or bomb-proof.

Oval Office
This famous room from the West Wing of the White House has been reproduced in our library at a 7/8th scale. The Oval Office looks exactly as it did during LBJ's White House years, including the desk he used beginning in his Senate days through the White House years, rocking chair, telephone system, and the teletype machines and three televisions that kept him up to date on the news. View a slide show of artifacts and furniture in the Oval Office.

The White House Years
This exhibit showcases items from the Johnson Presidency. As the nation's hosts to foreign dignitaries, the Johnsons received many gifts, some ancient and priceless, others humble and homemade. 

Humor and the Presidency
LBJ was well known as a storyteller and famous for his jokes. This exhibit features a moving, life-sized animatronic LBJ surrounded by political cartoons, most of which have been signed by the artist.