Civil Rights Summit []

Civil Rights Summit []

Civil Rights Summit

Apr 08, 2014

On April 8-10, 2014, the LBJ Presidential Library hosted a Civil Rights Summit to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Summit, comprised of afternoon panel discussions followed by evening keynote addresses, reflected on the seminal nature of the civil rights legislation passed by President Johnson while examining civil rights issues in America and around the world today. Click on the link to each date for photos and videos of the day's events.

All Summit photos may be viewed on our Flickr channel.

April 8
Gay Marriage: A Civil Right?
As the issue of gay marriage is decided in courts across the country, two ideologically disparate attorneys discuss their joint effort in arguing against California’s Proposition 8 before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Pathway to the American Dream: Immigration Policy in the 21st Century
An examination of the complex issue of immigration in 21st century America

Music and Social Consciousness
An exploration of music as a catalyst for social change, featuring two Rock and Roll Hall of Famers

A Conversation between Former President Jimmy Carter and Mark K. Updegrove

April 9
LBJ and MLK: Fulfilling a Promise, Realizing a Dream
An inside look at the consequential and complex partnership between President Lyndon Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the issue of civil rights

Sports: Leveling the Playing Field
Presented by the McGarr Symposium on Sports and Society
Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Bill Russell look back at their efforts to use their platforms in football and basketball, respectively, to raise awareness for civil rights

Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement: Views from the Front Line
Three civil rights legends look back at the movement they helped to forge, and how it continues to resonate in America today, while exploring the civil rights issues of the 21st century

Address by Former President William Jefferson Clinton

April 10
Keynote Address by the President of the United States, Barack Obama

Social Justice in the 21st Century: Empowering Minds, Changing Hearts, and Inspiring Service
Leaders in social justice issues of today discuss their initiatives to direct 21st century social change.

Education: The Ultimate Civil Right
A conversation on the state of education today, its obstacles and opportunities.

Remarks by former President George W. Bush
A transcript of the remarks made by President Bush

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The Civil Rights Summit was this year’s cornerstone event of a multiyear anniversary celebration of President Johnson’s prodigious legislative legacy. Throughout the course of the next several years, the LBJ Presidential Library, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, and the LBJ Foundation will partner to commemorate the anniversaries of seminal laws signed by President Johnson that continue to resonate today.

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