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The life and career of President Johnson are filled with many life lessons and critical moments in world history. One of our jobs is to create activities and lessons you can present to your students to help them better understand the role of the President and, specifically, President Johnson’s accomplishments.

Written Document Analysis Worksheet [PDF]
Map Analysis Worksheet [PDF]
Poster Analysis Worksheet [PDF]
Photo Analysis Worksheet [PDF]
Artifact Analysis Worksheet  [PDF]
Sound Recording Analysis Worksheet [PDF]
Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet [PDF]
Cartoon Analysis Worksheet [PDF] 


Developed by the LBJ Library

Constitution Day Activity:

Using primary sources from the LBJ Library's archival holdings, identify the article in the U.S. Constitution that supports the power being displayed.  Below you will find a PowerPoint and PDF of the documents as well as a description of each document. A copy of the U.S. Constitution is available in PDF format. There is no one answer; for each source you will find options for answers in the notes of the PowerPoint. This activity is in the public domain. Please supplement with age-appropriate materials related to the the topic you are studying.

Grade: 5th-12th grade

U.S. Constitution Activity [PDF]
List of documents [PDF]
U.S. Constitution [PDF]
Constitution Day Activity [PDF]
U.S. Constitution Activity with Notes [PDF]
U.S. Constitution Activity [PPT]

Developed by teachers

In addition to official lessons from the LBJ Library, we are pleased to offer lessons created by teachers using resources from our archives.

Great Society:

Through this primary source activity, students will analyze the programs of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society through a DBQ format.

Grade: High School AP US History / U.S. Government

Great Society: Lesson Plan & Documents [PDF]

Great Society DBQ [PDF]


Students will be able to describe the processes for the development of government policy and explain the challenges to creating effective government policies through this primary source activity. The attached PowerPoint provides background and instruction for the handout and primary source activity.

Grade: High School

Policymaking Process: A Primary Source Case Study [PDF]
Policymaking Process: A Primary Source Case Study (PPT)
Policymaking Process Lesson Plan (PDF)

Immigration Law:

This resource leads you through the Immigration law of 1965 through the four Presidents who created a path for immigration.

Grade: 5th-8th grade

Immigration Law of 1965 (PDF)
Immigration Law of 1965 (PPT)

Tet Offensive:

The purpose of this lesson is threefold. First, students will gain knowledge about the Vietnam War pertaining to United States History, specifically the Tet Offensive a major turning point in the war as well as American public opinion of the war. Second, students will strengthen their analysis and evaluation skills through the use of primary source documents. Finally students will practice their historical writing skills using evidence gathered from the primary source documents.

Grade: 10th or 11th US History / Honors or AP

Tet Offensive Presidential Committee: Lesson Plan & Documents (PDF)