A Presidential Decision

In "A Presidential Decision," participants will assume one of 10 roles in the Johnson administration--either President Johnson or a member of the President's National Security Council and other invited specialists. The task is to become familiar with pertinent documents and advise the president on whether or not to escalate the bombing in Vietnam during the summer of 1965.

Pictured are Master Sgt. Demetrius Booth in the role of McGeorge Bundy, National Security Advisor; Master Sgt. Eric Kennedy in the role of General Earle Wheeler, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff; and, Tech. Sgt. Alexander Rodriguez, a team member, studying the contemporary evidence before role-playing the decision to enter Vietnam in the LBJ Library classrooms. The NCOs are members of the cadre from the 343rd Training Squadron. The group learned what pressures this nation's leaders faced before the decision to enter the Vietnam conflict. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force)

Before arriving, teachers or leaders will receive preparation materials to give participants background knowledge on the roles, primary sources, and the Vietnam War.

Who: Maximum of 40 high school students, adults, senior groups, or team-building groups
Where: The LBJ Library classrooms
Cost: There is currently no cost
When: Contact us to schedule your two hour session

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