Signing of the Elementary and Secondary Education Bill. [LBJ Library photo by Frank Wolfe #C148-30-WH65]


"I hope that visitors who come here will achieve a closer understanding of the Presidency and that young people will get a clearer comprehension of what this nation tried to do in an eventful period of its history." —Lyndon Baines Johnson

Continuing President Johnson’s educational legacy, the LBJ Library education department provides activities, workshops, and presentations featuring resources from audio visual and document archives as well as from our museum collection.

Group Activities

Students or adults can participate in one of our hands-on activities using archival files from the Johnson administration. Fight for your life in the role of a Soviet spy, become a member of the President’s National Security Council and advise the President on a matter of national security, or prioritize civil rights issues in order to work with the President as he drafts landmark legislation. 

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"The Spy's Dilemma" is an interactive simulation that allows participants to read, interpret, and evaluate primary source documents, work collaboratively, and determine which ones would be most useful to you as a Russian spy.

In "A Presidential Decision," become part of the Johnson administration and advise the President on whether or not he should escalate the bombing in Vietnam during a meeting on July 20, 1965.

“A Matter of Civil Rights: A Decision to Construct Legislation for Congress” allows participants to assume one of eight roles while participating in a simulation exercise using primary documents from our archives.  


Workshops are available for educators and feature primary sources from our document, photo, and museum archival holdings. Our workshops are created with teachers in mind to expand their curriculum and develop their own skills in research and primary source work. Workshops can be arranged at any point during the year on a weekday when the museum is open to the public, in addition to pre-scheduled workshops. The LBJ Library is certified by the Texas Education Agency as a provider of Continuing Education Credits (CEU) for Texas educators.

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National History Day

The LBJ Presidential Library and National Archives supports the year-long National History Day competition as a way for students to engage in historical thinking. National History day is a nationwide project-based contest for middle and high school students. The format allows students to pick a topic within a broad theme to analyze and conduct research.

With our extensive holdings, the LBJ Presidential Library provides primary sources, available in person and some online, to enhance students’ NHD research and projects.

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Group Visits

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