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The Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library preserves and protects the historical materials in the collections of the Johnson Library, making them readily accessible to the public, and increases public awareness of the American experience through relevant exhibitions and educational programs.  Your contribution will help educate visitors about LBJ's legacy as one of the most effective presidents in the nation's history and provide support for the programs and educational activities that have made the LBJ Library and the LBJ School of Public Affairs centers for intellectual activity and community leadership.

If you are interested in making a special leadership gift to the LBJ Foundation through bequests, retirement plans, charitable trusts, and other planned gift arrangements, or you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact us for detailed information and options.

Sally Allen
Director of Development
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"I have high hopes for the library - that this institution will service all and serve the nation by making great contributions in solving the problems of the day. It will draw concerned men and women who are interested - aroused by the issues of our times and who will broaden the horizons of our understanding with their arguments, their questions and their convictions." LBJ at the dedication of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum on May 22, 1971.