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The HBO film "All The Way" offers a riveting behind-the-scenes look at President Lyndon B. Johnson's tumultuous first year in office after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It premiered on HBO on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Below are several archival resources related to specific scenes and/or characters in the film.

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JFK Assassination

Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as President of the United States on Air Force One following President John F. Kennedy's assassination. Nov. 22, 1963. LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton, 1A-1-WH63. Download.

L-R: Mac Kilduff, Judge Sarah T. Hughes, Jack Valenti, Albert Thomas, Marie Fehmer (behind Thomas), Lady Bird Johnson, Chief Curry, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Evelyn Lincoln (eyeglasses only visible above Johnson's shoulder), Homer Thornberry (in shadow, partially obscured by Johnson), Roy Kellerman (partially obscured by Thornberry), Lem Johns (partially obscured by Mrs. Kennedy), Jacqueline Kennedy, Pamela Tunure (behind Brooks), Jack Brooks, Bill Moyers (mostly obscured by Brooks)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Johnson speak on the telephone three days after John F. Kennedy is assassinated and Johnson has ascended to the presidency. Nov. 25, 1963. LBJ Library telephone conversation, no. 56.

President Johnson's address to Congress following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Nov. 27, 1963. LBJ Library video by CBS News.

See more archival resources in our Nov. 22, 1963: Tragedy and Transition exhibit.

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Civil Rights

Martin Luther King Jr. and President Johnson
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Johnson meet in the Oval Office, Dec. 3, 1963. LBJ Library photo by Yoichi Okamoto, W28-12. Download.

President Johnson and Senator Richard Russell
President Johnson meets with Senator Richard Russell in the Cabinet Room, Dec. 7, 1963. LBJ Library photo by Yoichi Okamoto, W98-30. Download.

LBJ hands pen to Everett Dirksen after Civil Rights Act is signed
President Johnson gives Senator Everett Dirksen a signing pen after signing the Civil Rights Act on July 2, 1964. LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton, C522-9-WH64. Download.

President Johnson Signs Civil Rights Act
President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act on July 2, 1964 in the East Room of the White House. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others look on. LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton, 276-10-WH64. Download.

President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964, July 2, 1964. LBJ Library video by CBS.

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Walter Jenkins

Walter Jenkins
Walter Jenkins, aide to President Johnson, was a central character in "All The Way." Here, the real Walter Jenkins speaks on the telephone at the White House. LBJ Library photo by Yoichi Okamoto, W18-3. Dec. 1, 1963. Download.

President Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson discuss the Walter Jenkins incident. She urges that they must express support for Jenkins and his family. Oct. 15, 1964.

Oral History with Press Secretary George Reedy. Aug. 7, 1990. Interview by Michael L. Gillette. Speaks about Walter Jenkins on page 19. Download pdf.

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1964 Presidential Campaign

1964 Democratic National Convention
Wide shot of the interior of Convention Hall at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The convention took place Aug. 24-28, 1964. LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton, 355-45-WH64. Download.

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
In the film, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) has significant screen time. Learn more background information about the MFDP.

"Daisy" 1964 LBJ Presidential Campaign Ad

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The Amphicar makes an appearance in "All The Way." If you're wondering if President Johnson really did have one...it's true! He had one and enjoyed taking unsuspected guests for a ride in the car.

President Johnson in the Amphicar with Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Paul Glynn, April 10, 1965. LBJ Library photo by Yoichi Okamoto, A263-8. Download.

President Johnson's Amphicar

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President Johnson speaks with Press Secretary George Reedy about the infamous photo of Johnson holding up one of his Beagles (Her) by the ears. May 1, 1964.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover informs President Johnson they have found the car of three missing civil rights workers (James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner) burned, near Philadelphia, in Nashoba County, Mississippi. June 23, 1964.

In "All The Way," President Johnson is shown giving a speech to a hostile crowd in the south. Here is an excerpt of the real speech. It was given by President Johnson at the Jung Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana on Oct. 9, 1964.

Below is the full speech, split into two parts.

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